Final Placards

Final Placard Refinements:

-I made the text inside my icons smaller
-I Changed the color of my title and spread it across all three frames since the information in the band at the bottom will be static throughout all three in my flash movie.
-I lowered the saturation a bit
-And changed the call out color from harsh red to a more subtle yellow, which I think compliments them nicely. I also tried to reference the colors in my spreads more and the original colors of my icons.

For my final placards I added a few extra elements that I thought were complimentary to the set, and I also made some necessary changes for better legibility in the small format.
I decided to add in a background image for each one that represents the floor of each room that pertains to my icons and objects. So for the iron I added some bedroom carpet, for the pan I added a wood grained kitchen floor, and for the plunger I added a tiled bathroom floor. I decided to print them out onto notebook paper to emphasize on the documentary aspect and then I photographed them for depth.
I also made revisions and changes to my object list for each icon.
For the Iron I chose to show Clothing: Shirts, Pants, Socks, and Undies
For the Pan I chose to show Food: Pancakes, Eggs, Cheeseburgers, Steaks, Grilled Cheese
For the Plunger I chose to show Toilet Trash: Toilet Paper, Soap, Gum, Fishes
Along with these changes I also changed the year increments for each object, so instead of each object representing 1 year, each represents 10. The red still represents 50 years which is stated in the last frame. I did this mainly because the scale of each object became to illegible even for me. I feel that they are at a nice size now and you can actually recognize the objects, some more than others.
One last change I made was the inclusion of the year for which each object was created. I decided to separate this information from the title by punching it out of my solid icons, and letting the title stand on its own by making it brighter.

The Line-Up

A close second:

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