New Placard Direction

With more discoveries during this project I realized how over complex my ideas were for such a small assignment. I realize that trying to fit a info graphic into my placards was not only very hard to do but that it was not a necessary element needed, considering the actual info graphs we just made. Although it was a great attempt, in my opinion, it didn't quite hold up to what it was I was wanting to convey and how I wanted it to be viewed.
With all these problems suddenly arising during final crit about legibility and hierarchy, I decided that it would be easier for me to resolve this problem by going back to some initial ideas and going from there.
I specifically chose to go with the idea of personalizing my icons with a member of the family who would use these objects the most and providing sort of a cheesy 60s quote as well to unite the group as a family and to show each persons devotion to these objects in their everyday lives.

Set 2:

Set 1:

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jamie said...

Tezz, great analysis of the bumps you encountered for this project. The problem of tackeling an infographic in a small space is a challenging one -- but interesting enough to keep at it! Take a look at Richard Saul Wurman over the summer - per your interest in infographics.

As for this new direction. I think you're on to something here. Visually appealing and actually a bit disturbing. The individual components are there, so perhaps over the summer you can continue investigating overall composition and the element of time...?