Placard Image Concepts


Concept, Formal Exploration, Element Composition:

Final Image Concept:
So I decided to go with one concept that was much stronger than any of the rest of my concepts. Mainly because of how long my thought process was for it and the amount of attention it will need to be pulled off in a successful manner.
My inspiration originally derived from the work of Chris Jordan and his series of photography titled Intolerable Beauty. Here Jordan accumulates information on the levels of consumption and exposes them to his audience, us, in the form of a collage. What drives him to do these extraordinary pieces is what seems to be so interesting to me, The Information on our consumption levels which he states, "can be desolate, macabre, oddly comical and ironic, and even darkly beautiful. For me, I feel there was a direct connection in that since the beginning my theme didn't speak directly to beauty but it was my goal to find it.

Iron - Clothing
Frying Pan - Food
Plunger - Toiletries

My objective is to take the object that each of my icons affect the most and to create 3 separate 3-D renderings of those objects based on each year that the icon has been existing. I chose to represent each year with two objects. For example, hypothetically, if the frying pan has been existing for 94 years, I would make a collage using 188 pieces of food linked together to create a larger pile of food (94 x 2 = 188). With photography and icon placement I will explore relative scale amongst the three piles as well as relationship to the size of my icons.

Patterning Ideas:
Iron - Clothing
-Pair of socks every decade
-Pair of undies every 50 years
-Shirt and Pants every other year

Frying Pan - Food
-Fish every decade
-Steak every 50 years
-Eggs and Pancakes every other year

Plunger- Toiletries
-Paper towel every decade (distinguished from toilet paper by visual pattern and texture)
-? every 50 years
-Two different colored toilet papers for every other year

I also plan on implementing experimentation with xeroxing the objects, using full color to create some patterning and using various materials to actually build these things such as toothpicks to create to structure support.
Images of process will come shortly!


Top 3 Image Concepts so Far:
1. Showing the effects of time through an abstract representation of the physical marks and tears that my objects obtain over time. Using various mark making tools and materials to show scratches for the pan, tears for the bear, and burns for the iron.
2. Showing members of the family who would interact most with the objects. A mother in her apron for the pan, a man in his suit for the iron, and a young child for the bear.
3. Showing the objects that my objects affect in a mass collage. Using cut-outs of: clothing for iron, food for pan, crap for plunger

The objective for this assignment is to effectively combine three of our icons with type and image to create great form through the experimentation of using hierarchy, elements of color, image, and various processes. phew!


jamie said...

All three possibilities are great Tezz.

Time worn: "show the different effects that time can have" (end of sentence). These pics do not need to be of objects specifically, but just the effect of time. So when paired with your icons it will tell that story of burns or of scratches, etc.

Hand-held: Good. Can you communicate this idea of ironing, plunging via metaphors, the people, their behaviors etc, without showing a pic of the object (again, since the object will be represented via your icons)?

jamie said...

For the text lock-up I think shabby relics and the iron work well together, but the date needs slight refinement. A little whitespace and size change to help delineate hierarchy.

Can't wait to see the others! And what about that little bit of informational text to help cement your concept?